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Restoring Beauty - moving beyond collagen supplements!

‘Beauty is just skin deep’. Well, isn’t that deep enough? For most people, factors like looks, appearance, skin tone and quality of hair matter a lot. In fact, these factors play a subtle but a significant role in forming your first impressions too. Especially for women, staying beautiful forever is a wish that’s usually on top of their secret wish list. Nevertheless, not many know that your natural beauty is governed by beauty proteins produced by your body. Collagen being the chief of them, the others are Elastin and Keratin; and they together determine the health of your skin, hair and nails. But as we age, the rate at which these beauty proteins are produced decline. After a particular age, the ‘signs of ageing’ start becoming visible. This is when most people resort to various beauty treatments – from consuming more pocket friendly ‘supplements’ to even undergoing much costlier, invasive beauty procedures. 

For adopting an effective way to stay beautiful, let’s get to know collagen a little better!

What is collagen?

    How important is collagen to the skin?

    What are collagen supplements?

    Collagen supplements usually contain hydrolyzed (broken down) form of collagen (also called as collagen peptides). As collagen is a very large molecule, taking it in a broken form makes it easy for the body to absorb them. These smaller portions of collagen then help in building up the collagen in the body.

    What is ch-OSA and how is it different from collagen supplements?

    Ch-OSA stands for Choline-stabilized Ortho Silicic Acid. To generate collagen, the body needs Silicon. Silicon is an essential trace element that works as a vital co-factor to stimulate enzymes that produce endogenous collagen. 

    How does ch-OSA help in restoring beauty?