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BioSil® is a unique, patented product that beautifies skin, nails and hair. It is the world’s only product that regenerates the body’s beauty proteins naturally; thereby offering a noticeable ‘anti-ageing’ effect.

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Each capsule of BioSil contains:

Silicon (as ch-OSA®)

5 mg

Choline (as ch-OSA®)

100 mg

Country of origin: Belgium 

Researched by : BioMinerals NV, Belgium

Developed by : Sundyota Numandis, Ahmedabad


Patents: EP1110909A1, EP1371289A1, EP1391426A1, EP3549578A1, EP3650011A1, US9078465B2, US20060165815A1

ch-OSA® in BioSil®works by activating the biological pathways that generate collagen in the body.  A molecular biologist described its action in his words as “ch-OSA® ‘tickles’ the fibroblasts (your collagen generating cells in skin) into action. Now it’s important to note that the only way you can increase collagen formation is to activate those fibroblasts. That’s an indisputable scientific fact. No fibroblast activity, no collagen. Simply eating collagen cannot stimulate the fibroblasts.”

ch-OSA® in BioSil® has the unique ability to penetrate the fibroblast cell membrane and activate fibroblasts to generate collagen in their optimal capacity.

As the collagen begins filling in the ‘gaps’ in skin collagen, fine lines and wrinkles start to disappear. Your skin elasticity returns. Your face takes on a smooth, radiant appearance. All because BioSil®’s ch-OSA® is helping to restore your collagen to youthful levels. Best of all, ch-OSA® protects both your newly-formed collagen as well as your existing collagen from breakdown by the naturally-occurring ‘anti-collagen’ homocysteine.

  • Reduces skin wrinkles by stimulating endogenous collagen synthesis
  • Increases skin elasticity by stimulating elastin synthesis.
  • Strengthens hair and nails by stimulating keratin synthesis
  • Synergistic complex of choline with orthosilicic acid using the most advanced OSA stabilization technology

  • Offers the most bioavailable form of silicon – an essential trace element responsible for stimulating collagen generating enzymes

  • Generates 3 beauty proteins: collagen, elastin and keratin from within the body

  • Clinically proven to support skin, nails and hair health

  • 5 international patents

  • The only form of Silicon that has safety approved by European Food Safety Authority

  • Winner of prestigious beauty awards for 11 consecutive years

  • Used by eminent celebrities, endorsed by beauty experts worldwide

  • Globally available – USA, Europe, Canada, UK, Australia, Middle East, China, Japan & South America

Clinical trial no.


No. of Subjects


Total No. of Subjects


Barel A et al.2005


Reduction in skin wrinkle depth

Increase in skin elasticity

Reduction in nail brittleness

Reduction in hair brittleness



Wickett RR et al.2007


Increase in hair thickness

Increase in hair elasticity

Increase in hair tensile strength


Chan GP et al.2006


Reduction in hair loss

Increase in hair growth


Spector TD et al.2008


Increase in Procollagen type 1 N-terminal propeptide (P1NP) – a biomarker of collagen formation

Increases bone mineral density


Calomme M et al.2000


Ch-OSA® is most bioavailable form of silicon compared to other form of silicon


Chandrashekar BS et al.2020


Reduction in skin wrinkles

Increase in skin hydration

Reduction in skin roughness and dyschromia

Reduction in hair loss

Increase in hair count

Increase in hair density and thickness

Strengthens nails, increases nail smoothness and reduction in nail roughness

BioSil® is useful... 
  • For improving strength, thickness and quality of hair
  • For having or maintaining a youthful,  radiant skin
  • For having healthy, clear and shiny nails

For effective results, BioSil® should be taken as 1 capsule twice a day for minimum 6 months

No adverse effects have been reported with the use of BioSil®

Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients present in the formulation. Women who are pregnant, planning to become pregnant or are lactating should not consume BioSil®  without consulting their doctor. 

1. What is BioSil®?

BioSil® is a patented complex of Choline-Stabilized Orthosilicic Acid (ch-OSA®) that generates body’s beauty proteins naturally.


2. What are ‘beauty proteins’?

Our body has several types of proteins that are involved in various functions. Proteins like Collagen, Elastin and Keratin are the ones that are responsible for the health of skin, hair and nails. Hence they are called as the ‘beauty proteins’. Collagen keeps the skin youthful and supple; and prevents formation of wrinkles. Keratin offers thickness, strength and elasticity to hair and gives strength to nails. Elastin gives the skin its elasticity – the ability to stretch and bounce back.


3. How is BioSil® different than collagen supplements?

BioSil® is not a collagen supplement. It is, in fact, a Silicon supplement that generates collagen naturally within the body.


4. For how long should BioSil® be taken or visibile results?

As per clinical trials, BioSil® showed significant improvement on skin, hair and nails health within a few months of administration. BioSil® should be regularly taken for at least 6 months.


5. For how long can BioSil® be taken?

For a youthful look, the body needs to keep on producing collagen, elastin and keratin continuously. Normally, the rate of production of these proteins declines after age 21. Signs of ageing start becoming visible by age 30. To maintain the youthful look; BioSil® may be taken for as long as one wishes, without any safety concerns.


6. Can BioSil® be taken along with other supplements or medications?

Yes. There are no known drug interactions with BioSil®.


7. Can BioSil® be taken with food?

BioSil® may be taken regardless of food; without affecting its results.


8. What if a dose of BioSil® is missed?

BioSil® is recommended to be taken twice daily. One missed dose will not affect its results. In case of a missed dose, the next dose may be taken as scheduled. There is no need to compensate for the missed dose by taking additional doses. 


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