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ZINC: Vital for Human Body

How does zinc help the immune system?

Minerals and Zinc
We all require minerals for our body's healthy functioning.

Minerals are of two types: Macro and Micro 
Macro Minerals are needed in large quantities like calcium, magnesium 
Micro Minerals (Trace Minerals ) are needed in small quantities like Zinc

Zinc is a trace mineral that performs many roles in our body. Most of the cells in our body contain zinc as it is an important component for the normal development and functioning of cells. It is found in large concentrations in bone and muscles. Zinc levels in the human body can be altered due to stress or disease. Our modern lifestyle & diet does not guarantee that we are consuming the right quantity of zinc. Also, it is very difficult to actually measure zinc levels accurately in people as there is no set biomarker that indicates zinc levels. 

How does zinc help our body?

Zinc helps with the creation of DNA, the growth of cells, the building of proteins, the healing of damaged tissue, and supporting a healthy immune system. Zinc helps with the functioning of over 300 enzymes in our body. Studies say that it helps in the generation of immune cells and prevents pathogens (foreign particles) from entering our bodies. Our body consists of macrophages -the “ninja” white blood cell that eats up the pathogens and sends out chemical signals to invite more backup force - Zinc helps in its proper functioning. Zinc is used as an ingredient in nasal sprays, and lozenges as studies show that it is effective in treatment during common cold & helps to reduce the duration of the cold. 

Studies show that zinc is also beneficial in gene expressions, stabilizing cell membranes, helps in the production and storage of insulin, helps in anemia, acne, skin conditions, cholesterol level maintenance, ulcers, arthritis, impacts thyroid function, and is required for visual pigments and many other conditions however it is non-conclusive. It is also believed that Zinc in topical preparation is effective for the treatment of diaper rash, and skin irritations. Zinc levels in the human body are altered by diet, medicines, stress, and health status. If the zinc levels are down it can lead to hair loss, rough skin, impaired growth in infants and children, weak immune system. 

How does Zinc help our immunity?

For strong immunity, we require zinc, as it helps in influencing growth and affecting the development and integrity of the immune system by impacting key immunity mediators, such as enzymes, and cytokines (controls the growth and activity of other immune system cells and blood cells ). People deficient in Zinc experience increased