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Sunmune; Best Booster For Children | Sundyota Lifecare
Sunmune; Best Booster For Children | Sundyota Lifecare
Sunmune; Best Booster For Children | Sundyota Lifecare
Sunmune; Best Booster For Children | Sundyota Lifecare
Sunmune; Best Booster For Children | Sundyota Lifecare
Sunmune; Best Booster For Children | Sundyota Lifecare
Sunmune; Best Booster For Children | Sundyota Lifecare
Sunmune; Best Booster For Children | Sundyota Lifecare
Sunmune; Best Booster For Children | Sundyota Lifecare
Sunmune; Best Booster For Children | Sundyota Lifecare
Sunmune; Best Booster For Children | Sundyota Lifecare
Sunmune; Best Booster For Children | Sundyota Lifecare
Sunmune; Best Booster For Children | Sundyota Lifecare



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Sunmune™ syrup is a natural, powerful supplement to enhance immunity in kids. Sunmune™ syrup boosts the immune system by its multi-modal actions. It treats and prevents respiratory infections like common cold. Sunmune™ syrup relieves fever, cough, cold and sore throat.

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Each 5 ml of Sunmune™ Syrup contains

EchinActive™(Echinacea purpurea ext.)

100 mg

Beta glucan (Yeast 1,3-1,6)

(as Nutramunity® Beta Glucan (NBG)

17.5 mg


5 mg

Vitamin C

20 mg

Elemental Zinc

5 mg

Recommended usage: 5 ml twice daily, for a minimum 1 month

Researched and Developed by Sundyota Numandis, Gujarat, India

Country of Origion:

EchinActive™                                   Germany

Beta glucan (Yeast 1,3-1,6)            Iceland

Lactoferrin                                       Australia


Global Patents:


EP0664671B1, US6423832B1, WO2012/073019A1, US2017/0056433A1, US2006/0079481A1, US7,883,875B2, AU2004218698B2, US8,912,165B2, CA2705642A1, US2012/0014991A1, US2012/0014991A1, EP0466037B1, US9,211,304B2, WO 2007/084661A2, CA2367875A1, US6,875,754B1

Activates macrophages
Increases natural killer cells production
Increases polymorphonuclear leukocytes activity

Antiviral effect:
Inhibits binding of the virus to host cells
Inhibits virus replication

Immunomodulatory effect:
Initiates differentiation, maturation, activation and proliferation of neutrophils and natural killer cells leading to phagocytosis of pathogens and apoptosis of pathogens

Antibacterial effect:
By bacterial cell wall degradation  

Acts at Peyer’s Patches to stimulate different types of WBCs

Strengthens physical and biochemical barrier
Proliferate and stimulate immune cells
Offer antimicrobial effect and help in developing antibodies


Beta glucan (Yeast  1,3-1,6)

Vit. C and Zinc


A standardized and proprietary extract with documented antiviral efficacy

The patented form of yeast ?-glucan in collaboration with Algalif, Iceland.

Important components of nutritional immunity

Part of innate immunity – body’s first defence mechanism

Effective against viral upper respiratory tract infections

Proven clinical efficacy and safety by multiple clinical studies in children and adults.

Their reduced levels are associated with reduced activity of immune cells

Broad spectrum antimicrobial effect against virus, bacteria and fungi

Multimodal mechanisms to stimulate innate as well as adaptive immunity

Effective in stimulating innate, adaptive, and mucosal immunity

Stimulates proliferation, migration and activities of neutrophils, phagocytes and monocytes

Increases iron absorption

Effective in treatment as well as prevention of viral infections


Well defined receptors mediated mechanism of action.

Increases production of interferon-antiviral action

Antioxidant effect

Reduces severity and incidences of runny nose, sore throat, stuffy nose, cough, fatigue, headache, and chills.


Featuring in United State Pharmacopeia (USP) 41 National Formulary (NF) 36 in 2018 edition.


Maintain or enhance cytotoxic activities of Natural Killer cells

Prebiotic effect

Increases oxygen uptake.



Stimulates production, differentiation and proliferation of cytotoxic-T cells


Efficacy comparable to Oseltamivir





Reduces antibiotic consumption




No risk of emerging resistance against virus like influenza




International quality of raw material in collaboration with Finzelberg, Germany




Listed in WHO monograph on selected medicinal plants for its efficacy in colds and infections of the respiratory tract due to its stimulatory effect on immune response




Featuring in United State Pharmacopeia (USP) 41 National Formulary (NF) 36 in 2018 edition




  • Extremely effective in preventing and managing upper respiratory infections
  • Exerts powerful anti-viral, anti-bacterial and immunostimulatory effects
  • Prevents replication of virus in the body
  • Supports innate, adaptive and mucosal immunity
  • Offers quick relief from cough, fever, sore throat, body ache and fatigue
  • Reduces number of sick days
  • Increases body’s resilience to stress
  • Increases energy, strength and sense of well-being
  • Ingredients endorsed by World Health Organization to increase immunity and prevent infections 

  • Prevention and management of upper respiratory tract infections
  • Strengthening immunity

Sunmune™ Syrup should be given 5ml twice a day for minimum 1 month

(Recommended for children above 1 year of age)

    No adverse effects have been reported with the use of any ingredient of Sunmune™

Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredient present in the formulation. Pregnant or lactating women should not consume. 

1. How would one know that his / her immunity has increased?

An increase in immunity may be correlated with reduced frequency of infections and lesser severity of symptoms. It also means faster recovery from illness and reduction in post illness fatigue. Overall a person may have an enhanced feeling of wellbeing.

2. Can Sunmune™ be taken along with other supplements or medications?

Yes. Sunmune™ may be taken along with other supplements and medications. However, if taking Sunmune™, one may not need any other supplements for increasing immunity, unless specifically advised by a healthcare professional. Other routine medications for other conditions may be continued as usual.

3. By when can one expect to see results with Sunmune™?

If Sunmune™ is taken for viral infections, with symptoms like cough, cold, fever, or sore throat; results may be seen in 3 – 5 days. However, for strengthening immunity, Sunmune™ must be taken continuously for at least one month.


4. What if a dose of Sunmune™ is missed?

For optimal results with Sunmune™; it is recommended that it should be taken regularly, without missing any doses. This is required because strengthening immunity takes time and requires regular effect of the ingredients on the body. If one is otherwise regular, one missed dose will not impact the results. However, if doses are missed frequently, the desired results may not be achieved. In any case, multiple capsules should not be taken together to make up for the missed dose(s).


5. Can Sunmune™ be taken by pregnant / lactating women?

Sunmune™ syrup should be avoided by pregnant / lactating women.


6. Should Sunmune™ be taken before or after meals?

Food does not have any effect on the results of Sunmune™. Hence, it may be taken regardless of meals.


7. For how long should Sunmune™ be taken?

Sunmune™ should be taken for at least one month. Based on clinical data, Sunmune™ may be taken for three months continuously.


8. For what age-group should Sunmune™ syrup be given?

Sunmune™ syrup may be taken by children aged 1 year and above.

Firdaus Khan When i was looking to boost my kid’s immunity in these tough times, i came across this and i am glad… the results are truly impressive and i feel I’ve made the right choice.. my son feels healthy and takes sunmune daily.. even i take sunmune capsules and have experienced good results. this is a safe and effective syrup that has made my life easy and worry free
Selvi T N Product works great, it keeps your kids protected by increasing their antibodies and even stops the growth of bacteria
Swati Mittal This is the best immunity boosting supplement I’ve come across so far.. Sunmune is perfect for your little ones and keeps them healthy and active. Both my kids like it and they’ve easily accepted it in their routine For around 6-7 months they are taking sunmune syrup and i would like to suggest this product to everybody… there’s a long list of its advantages and there are no adverse effects
Bhavika Jani My daughter was suffering through seasonal weather changes and somebody suggested sunmune syrup.. after taking it for just 2 days she was back to being healthy. it’s very rare to find a syrup that my daughter likes and this was the first time she herself would take it on time..
Sapna Sharma I can do anything to keep my kids healthy and coming across sunmune feels like a blessing… as a mother it is very crucial to make sure whatever your kid takes is safe and i have zero doubts about this product after seeing its results
VIKRANT BHOLA This is a super effective and safe product for Kids .... it treats common cough-cold infections like magic!. My son had a cough and blocked nose. Gave Sunmune syrup and some steam inhalation. He did not have to miss a single day at school (touchwood!). Recommend that every home with kids should have this handy always :) Thank you!