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New Normal Lifestyle, New Normal Nutrition ??

The “new normal” - we all heard this word probably for the first time during 2020 when the world was gripped with the fear of Covid. Within a span of a few days the world was working as per the protocol of the “new normal” that caused many shifts in the way we went about our regular work. The home was the new workplace, new school, new college and much more. This new normal lifestyle also affected our relation with the diet and our physical activity awareness and commitment. The fear of a pandemic instilled in many people the importance of a nutrition-based diet. 

Many found the lost love for nutrition-based food and if you have made changes to your diet since the pandemic started then rest assured you are not alone!

People are now proactive and are looking for food and consumable items that help them achieve holistic nutrition thus improving their immunity. As per a report published in Consumer Product & Retail Sector, EY India “Indian consumers have opened their wallets towards fitness classes and activities, consuming natural foods, health supplements, and following specialized diets”

Understanding Nutrition 

So what does nutrition really mean?
We all consume food that acts as the fuel that runs our body by providing vital nutrients for survival. Nutrition balanced is about eating a healthy and balanced diet, it means how the food that we consume impacts our body.
Now, our food contains two types of nutrition :
  •  Macronutrient - Proteins, Carbohydrates, Fat
  •  Micronutrient - Vitamins, Minerals & Phytochemical

Healthy Wealthy and Wise, Yes !! Right nutrition does mean good physical and mental wellbeing