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Make your brain health a priority


Our brain is one of the most amazing and most studied part of our human body. It controls our nervous system hence controlling our memory, movements, emotions, action and reaction. As we keep on ageing it becomes vital to understand Brain Health and its importance. Brain Health is an evolving concept that involves not only neural development, flexibility, functioning but also the recovery across the life course.

The way the food that we eat affects our body content and shape similarly our lifestyle impacts our brain health. What you eat, drink, how much you exercise, how well you sleep, the way you socialize, and how you manage stress are all critically important to your brain health.

2 factors play important role in brain health 

These factors influence the way our brain develops, adapts and responds to stress and adversity across the life course. It’s when a person develops has developed an understanding of his or her own abilities with time and works on improving their Brain Health (cognitive, emotional, psychological and behavioral functioning) to cope with life situations then it is known as GOOD BRAIN HEALTH 

Our brain can sometimes make us feel “zone out” for example we open an app on our smartphone thinking of ordering our favorite food and few moments later we are on a social media platform checking out updates or watching videos on the go!! 

Well this condition is known as BRAIN FOG!


Brain fog is not a medical condition rather a symptom of other medical condition and can happen to anyone. The good thing, it can be worked on and improved 

Brain Fog is a type of cognitive dysfunction involving:


There are numerous explanations for why brain fog occurs. Once you identify the underlying cause, you can begin fixing the problem. Here are six possible causes.

1. Stress: