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SELF CARE through Nutrition!

Good Nutrition is good aid for the good self-care. Oops that tongue twister! In nutshell, you can achieve a good self-care through altering the nutrition you take daily. So, what is the good self-care and what we mean by good nutrition? Let’s explore here…

What do we really understand by “self-care”?
Self-care is a very broad term and the meaning of is different for everyone. What is jogging or cycling for me as self-care practice, can be reading a book for you. Harvard Medical School describes self-care in a simple, self-explanatory way: “Self-care means paying attention to and supporting one’s own physical and mental health.” So, what makes me physically and mentally fit, is self-care for me. And precisely here, for a better physical and mental health, essential nutrients have a great role to play!

Why nutrition have an important role to play?

Here is the catch! When we say nutrition, it’s not about practicing the dieting of depriving our stomach from food we love. In fact, sticking to a strict diet have negative impact on good nutrition and self-care plan.


Good nutrition is all about infusing your body with the food that gives you vital nutrients (vitamins and minerals) in abundance that in turns gives you active energy for good mental and physical health. So, to put it in simple words, not taking nutrients and still expecting good self-care is like going gym for mass gain and not taking protein rich food.


Making it clearer, nutrition plays a vital role in the body’s ability to create hormones that control our moods, drive our emotions. When your cells aren’t getting the fuel they need, you might feel irritated, depressed, anxious, or stressed. When you nourish your body mentally, physically, and emotionally with good food and nutrition, it’s the ultimate form of self-care.

The Relationship between Self-Care and Nutrition!
As part of remaining mentally, physically and emotionally fit, many of us automatically turn to physical activities or routines to practice self-care (and largely without caring what our body needs). Planning good nutrition is equally important for you like gym, yoga or jogging. It actually gives you that feel good factor by energizing your mood and making you aware about needs of your body.
If you are looking to up your self-care routine, consider focusing on nutrition. A balanced, varied diet can be an essential part of self-care as the food you eat directly impacts your overall health and well-being. Proper nutrition can play an important role in the management of daily stress and the long-term effects that stress may cause. To expose your body to continuous stress over time can lead to health issues, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and other metabolic illnesses. However, nutrition can help beyond minimizing stress. 

Let’s discover some of the ways nutrition intertwines with other aspects of self-care:

Listen to what your body needs (and wants): Honing in to what your body really needs can be tricky, especially if you have gotten out of touch with your body’s natural hunger and fullness cues. Finding your way back to intuitive eating can sometimes be a long process, but it is totally worth it! Giving yourself permission to eat whatever you want, and consciously thinking about it (whenever you want and how much you want) can be really freeing. It plays vitally with your emotions (one who is on strict diet can easy comprehend it)


Cooking as a form of self-care: For those of you who may find solace in cooking as a form of stress reduction, this is a perfect way to incorporate nutrition into your self-care routine. This way you connect to your body’s physical need of good food with your emotions. Enough for you to keep yourself energetic.


Practice mindful eating: When you were last only with food during lunch or dinner? Usually, we are lost in some debates, or favorite TV shows or scrolling the social media posts. So we just eat most of the times, without enjoying what we are eating! Knowing and enjoying what we eat, has great nurturing experience on our body. Eating more slowly and mindfully also improves your digestion, which means you’ll absorb the nutrients in your food more efficiently.



Connect with others through food: Simply taking a moment to enjoy time with your friends or family can be another method of self-care. Eating together with someone or with a group facilitates bonding and brings people closer to one another (a good mood enhancer, isn’t it?).


Nurture your Gut: Gut is the gateway to good health! Your gut is full of tiny microorganisms that play a major role in your mental and physical health, particularly your moods and immune function. And, when your gut is healthy, you can absorb nutrients from your food more efficiently, which affects every system in the body. Nurture your gut health by eating more natural and healthy foods which feed the healthy bacteria in your gut

We all struggle sometimes with giving ourselves a break. With life always getting in the way, it is important to take the time you need to focus on yourself and your well-being. Self-care is not about just doing anything; it is about doing the right things that make you connect with yourself. Whether it is through nutrition, exercise, meditation, social activities, or other methods.


So, how will you start to engage yourself in more self-care?







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Content Credit: Aashish Thanki