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Fit-to-Fat-to-Fit: Being Fit, Gaining Confidence!

Fit-to-Fat-to-Fit: Being Fit, Gaining Confidence!

If you are gaining weight as you grow old, you are not alone. In today's day and age, weight gain has become a huge problem throughout the world. Due to our sedentary lifestyle and high calories food, most people are finding themselves gaining weight as they age.

Weight gain can be a very slow process, but eventually, it all adds up! People in their 30s especially complain that their weight is a lot more than what it used to be when they were younger. Obesity in India is a rapidly increasing problem approaching up to 40% of the population and still rising.

Weight gain and obesity not only affect your physical health but also your confidence due to the social stigma associated with it. The lack of confidence induced by weight gain can even lead you to lose opportunities.

What changes leads to weight gain with age?