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Official Makers of Biosil Collagen Generator In India | Sundyota
Official Makers of Biosil Collagen Generator In India | Sundyota
Official Makers of Biosil Collagen Generator In India | Sundyota
Official Makers of Biosil Collagen Generator In India | Sundyota
Official Makers of Biosil Collagen Generator In India | Sundyota
Official Makers of Biosil Collagen Generator In India | Sundyota
Official Makers of Biosil Collagen Generator In India | Sundyota
Official Makers of Biosil Collagen Generator In India | Sundyota
Official Makers of Biosil Collagen Generator In India | Sundyota
Official Makers of Biosil Collagen Generator In India | Sundyota
Official Makers of Biosil Collagen Generator In India | Sundyota



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BioSil® – the only endogenous collagen generator supplement in the world; that generates beauty proteins - Collagen, Elastin and Keratin within the body. BioSil® Capsule is an ideal supplement for the beauty of skin, hair and nails heath, suitable for women and men, both.

The advanced collagen generator BioSil® is available globally. Sundyota Lifecare is the official makers of BioSil® in India

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Each Veg capsule contains: 

Choline (as ch-OSA®)                        100 mg

Recommended Usage:

1 capsule twice a day, for minimum 5 months

Country of Origin:

Belgium: Originator - Biominerals NV, Belgium

Researched & Developed by:

Sundyota Numandis, Gujarat, India


EP1110909A1, EP1371289A1, EP1391426A1, EP3549578A1, EP3650011A1, US9078465B2, US20060165815A1

FSSAI License Number:

Manufacturing:     10020021005070

Marketing:              10012021000374

ch-OSA® in BioSil® works by activating the biological pathways that generate collagen in the body.  

A molecular biologist described its action in his words as “ch-OSA® ‘tickles’ the fibroblasts (your collagen generating cells in the skin) into action. Now it’s important to note that the only way you can increase collagen formation is to activate those fibroblasts. That’s an indisputable scientific fact. No fibroblast activity, no collagen. Simply eating collagen cannot stimulate fibroblasts.

ch-OSA® in BioSil® has the unique ability to penetrate the fibroblast cell membrane and activate fibroblasts to generate collagen in their optimal capacity.

As the collagen begins filling in the ‘gaps’ in skin collagen...

  • fine lines and wrinkles start to disappear
  • Your skin elasticity returns
  • Your face takes on a smooth, radiant appearance.

All because BioSil’s ch-OSA® is helping to restore your collagen to youthful levels.

Best of all, ch-OSA® protects both your newly-formed collagen as well as your existing collagen from breakdown by the naturally-occurring ‘anti-collagen’ homocysteine.

Visible effects of BioSil® usually become apparent within 4 – 6 weeks of regular supplementation. However, since individual body profiles of the subject are unique, the response may depend on a variety of factors; and the results may vary. Therefore, BioSil® must be taken for a minimum of 5 months for the results to be clearly noticeable. Below is a description of the usual results seen with BioSil®, corresponding to the time period.

After taking the first capsule:
Right from the very first dose, the ch-OSA complex in BioSil® gets released in the body and is absorbed into the bloodstream. After reaching the collagen-producing cells of the skin, this unique complex triggers a signaling pathway that stimulates these cells to start producing collagen. 

By the first 4 weeks:
Usually, the first visible effect of BioSil® is seen after 4 weeks of regular consumption. People taking BioSil® report the first effect on their nails. They develop a natural sheen and grow stronger.

By 6 to 8 weeks:
The next apparent effect of BioSil® is on your hair. You may expect your hair to become more voluminous, faster-growing, thicker and shinier.
By the end of 3 months:
The effects of BioSil® now start becoming visible on your skin. You may see a noticeable difference in your skin tone, with fine lines and wrinkles starting to reduce and your skin becoming more youthful and glowing. 

By 4 to 5 months:
By this time, BioSil® significantly improves skin fine lines and wrinkles and increases skin elasticity. This makes your skin more supple and radiant; glowing with a youthful look. Your nails become much stronger and shinier. Likewise, there would be a visible effect on your hair growth, with your hair becoming thicker, stronger, shinier and voluminous.
Beyond 5 months:
Now, you can see, feel and show the amazing effects of BioSil® on your skin, hair and nails. BioSil® restores your beauty naturally from within, giving you a younger, youthful look and feel. You may continue taking BioSil® even longer, for as long as you wish to maintain your youthful looks.

  • A synergistic complex of choline using the most advanced OSA stabilization technology
  • Generates 3 beauty proteins: collagen, elastin, and keratin from within the body
  • Clinically proven to support skin, nails, and hair health
  • 7 international patents
  • Winner of prestigious beauty awards for 15 consecutive years
  • Used by eminent celebrities, endorsed by beauty experts worldwide
  • Globally available – USA, Europe, Canada, UK, Australia, Middle East, China, Japan & South America
Adverse effects:
No adverse effects have been reported with the use of BioSil®

Warnings and precautions:
Hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients present in the formulation. Women who are pregnant, planning to become pregnant, or are lactating should not consume BioSil® without consulting their doctor.

1. What is BioSil®?

BioSil® is a patented complex of ch-OSA® that generates the body’s beauty proteins naturally.

2. What are ‘beauty proteins’?

Our body has several types of proteins that are involved in various functions. Proteins like Collagen, Elastin, and Keratin are the ones that are responsible for the health of skin, hair, and nails. Hence they are called ‘beauty proteins’. Collagen keeps the skin youthful & supple and prevents the formation of wrinkles. Keratin offers thickness, strength, and elasticity to the hair and gives strength to nails. Elastin gives the skin its elasticity – the ability to stretch and bounce back.

3. How is BioSil® different than collagen supplements?

BioSil® contains ch-OSA®, a uniquely effective complex clinically proven to activate collagen production and protect existing collagen levels. BioSil® works primarily by activating and supporting the enzymes your body naturally uses to make collagen.

Collagen supplements, on the other hand, do not activate these enzymes. However, they may be a source of amino acids that are used as raw materials for new collagen. As well, collagen peptides might be absorbed intact into cells, and might somehow signal the body to try to make new collagen. But in both cases, a specific series of enzymes must be activated to build new collagen. Collagen and collagen peptides do not activate these enzymes, BioSil® does.

4. For how long should BioSil® be taken or visible results?

As per clinical trials, BioSil® showed significant improvement on skin, hair, and nails health within a few months of the administration. BioSil® should be regularly taken for at least 5 months.

5. How BioSil is different than Biotin?

BioSil® is not the same as biotin. BioSil® and biotin are both involved in naturally activating enzymes in your body; however, BioSil® and biotin activate different enzymes and work differently and independently from one another.

Biotin is a B9 vitamin essential to metabolism, and it can aid in nail and hair health (though there is a lack of any clinical data for the same). 

6. For how long can BioSil® be taken?

For a youthful look, the body needs to keep on producing collagen, elastin, and keratin continuously. Normally, the rate of production of these proteins declines after age 21. Signs of aging start becoming visible by age 30. To maintain the youthful look; BioSil® may be taken for as long as one wishes, without any safety concerns. However, the minimum required duration for BioSil® is 5 months.

7. Can BioSil® be taken along with other supplements or medications?

Yes. BioSil® does not have any known drug interactions and can safely be taken with any ongoing medications without any dose or timing adjustments.

8. Can BioSil® be taken with food?

BioSil® may be taken regardless of food; without affecting its results.

9. What if a dose of BioSil® is missed?

BioSil® is recommended to be taken twice daily. One missed dose will not affect its results. In case of a missed dose, the next dose may be taken as scheduled. There is no need to compensate for the missed dose by taking additional doses.

Sunil Kumar saini Biosil is a must recommended for all your hair problem. I was facing a lot of hair fall and then i came to know about Biosil, It has been 2 months now, i can see & feel the results in my hair growth. Its also provide strenth to hair and provide sine and blackish hair.
Sunil Kumar saini Biosil is a must recommended for all your hair problem, Hair sinning and Hair strengthening . I was facing a lot of hair fall, Hair roughness, Problem of thin hair and then i came to know about Biosil, It has been in one month , i can see & feel the results in my hair growth & strengthening of hair . Rather than its, Biosil improve my nails hardening and My face skin now toned and attractive. Now my hair is very thick an glossy. Its give me internal happiness and look me younger. Slimwat: Its help me reducing my weight. I lose approx 4 Kg weight in a month. I recommend to all taken to losing fat.
Komal Jain, Mumbai - The product showed immediate effect on nails. they have not chipped in a while and im able to grow them long. i’ve consumed this product for 3 months now and im also experiencing less hair fall… with every other month i can see how it is affecting my nails, hair and skin in a good way. i take a lot of time to trust such products but looking at the clinical evidence they’ve provided, it becomes totally worth the money
Pooja Sharma If you want to add shine and strength to your hair, i think this product will do the job. i was sceptical about the results but it was amusing how healthy my hair look now
Rina - New Delhi I used this for particularly my hair and it has shown good results in terms of strength and growth plus there are zero side effects
Mala Singh This has become a daily thing for me. everyday i am able to notice my skin glowing more and the wrinkles are gradually lessening Biosil is without a doubt acting as a beauty protein for me... there are clear results on my aging, nails and even hair. its good to finally come across a product which does the job without having to worry about the side effects.
Azma Khan My nails quality is very good after taking biosil… they used to break very quickly but now they have become strong
Dharmesh Kheni A product that truly justifies its potential of antiaging effect that is witnessed by visible improvement in skin, hair and nail health. The effect is cumulatively increased as per the increase in its duration of use. Thanks for providing a wonderful product!!