At Sundyota Lifecare we believe that health, happiness and harmony are the natural states of all beings. Hence, any intervention that addresses an internal disharmony should be derived from nature.

Hence, we bring to you an exclusive range of nature-derived wellbeing products that are based on deep scientific research. Each ingredient we use is an ace in clinical evidences and safety profile. We funnel years of research and trust into a pill that heals, a powder that prevents or a sachet that strengthens. With a promise of excellent results and utmost safety, our products make you experience a wonder within.

BioSil Capsules

The natural, clinically proven
anti-ageing product

  • Naturally generates the beauty proteins from within
  • Reduces skin wrinkles, promotes hair growth, strengthens nails
  • Recommended by several beauty experts worldwide
  • Best-selling product worldwide

60 veg


Sunmune Capsules

The most powerful

  • Prevents & manages respiratory infections
  • Ensures fast recovery from infections
  • Strengthens immunity
  • Increases energy and strength

60 veg


Sunmune Syrup

The most powerful immunomodulator
for children

  • Prevents respiratory infections in children
  • Builds strong immunity
  • Reduces numbers of sick days
  • Sugar free syrup
  • Delicious mango flavour

3 x 100 ml